Fada Theatre is a professional theatre company, existing of Syrian refugees. Originally, the group consisted of actors who had met in the emergency shelter of Alphen aan den Rijn at the end of 2015.

The actors, seven amateurs and two professionals (Ahmad al Herafi and Ramez Basheer), were staying in a former prison, along with more than 1100 others. In between these walls, Ramez and Ahmed developed their impressive performance. They didn’t have to search long for a good script; every single person in the shelter has their own story. Eventually, nine stories were assimilated into the play. Nowadays, the group has changed and only consists of professional actors.

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‘Talent op de vlucht’ is a very special play. Although Arabic is the official language, the play can easily be followed because of the expressive character and Dutch subtitles. The play is impressive, emotional and won’t be forgotten easily. That’s why after each performance, the public gets a chance to ask questions and talk with the actors.

Ahmad al Herafi and Ramez Basheer, both celebrated actors and directors in Syria, met during their flight in Turkey. They continued their trip together and ended up in the emergency shelter in Alphen aan den Rijn. After the tragic suicide of a fellow refugee, the two took the initiative to process the stories of their peers in a play. Not in the least to deliver a positive contribution to the image that exists of refugees. The message: “We are people with stories and dreams. All that we want is a safe existence, for ourselves and our families.”

Today, Fada Theatre has played throughout all of the Netherlands. Next to the actors, the Fada Theatre Foundation has help from a dedicated board and several volunteers, to whom we are very thankful.